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If you have taken the time to upgrade your kitchen and create a fresh new look, existing aging appliances can sometimes spoil the party with their tired appearance.

Choosing the right new appliances isn’t just about the best deal on a new oven, it’s a time to give a little thought to how your kitchen is used, and what importance the appliance plays in your everyday use of the kitchen.

For example, gas hobs have been a key feature of many kitchens for years, but did you realise the vast majority of users don’t know the benefits of modern electric alternatives. Of course you don’t get the ‘theatre’ of the live flame under the wok when using an electric hob, but then neither can you programme the boiled eggs to switch off after 6minutes when using gas!

Whether it is a new extractor hood or a larder fridge, a compact dishwasher or a fish-pan hob, our fully trained advisors can help you choose the right appliances for you, and because we deal with virtually all the major manufacturers, we can ensure you exactly what you are after.

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This is the Go-To resource for Industrial kitchen makeover and is updated regularly. If we haven’t already written about a particular aspect of Kitchen Doors & Worktops that you’re interested in, then please submit your enquiry here and one of our experts will take a look.

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Do you offer new kitchen cabinets?

Often when giving your kitchen a makeover, thought is given to either removing or adding some units around the existing layout to give added functionality to your room. The most difficult part of this for most people when adding units is ensuring you can get the size...

Can you install my makeover?

Whilst we have a growing number of customers who prefer to install their own makeover, not everybody is or feels that confident. Of course no job is difficult if you know what you are doing and have the relevant tools. However not everybody has the knowledge or the...

Is there a minimum spend?

We are here to serve. Of course we want to ensure that we can continue to offer the best service and value to our customers by serving everyone properly. We always ask customers who require 5 or less doors to visit one of our showrooms for more help or assistance....

Do you make doors to measure?

Depending on the age of your kitchen and whether the manufacturer worked in mm or inches, your Doors could vary considerably in size from those known as standard. In truth, there is no reality as a standard door because the number and heights and widths of all kitchen...

Do you offer home visits?

If you are looking for a touch of inspiration or simply help to work out the best way forward using a kitchen makeover, we are here and on-hand to help make things easy for you. Our Home visit service is available free to anyone wishing to spend £550 or more...

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These are some of our most commonly
asked questions.

How much are the doors?

The simple answer is that it starts from as little as £35 for a made to measure replacement kitchen door and can go up to around £200. See more

Do we need to empty our cabinets?

In short no. Emptying your cupboards is a thankless task that requires the use of boxes, mess and the use of other living space. See more

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, although you’re not obliged to use our installation service. We can be involved in as much of your project as you’d like. See more

Can you take away the rubbish?

The easiest and most cost-effective way is to take it yourself to your local dump, refuse centre, civic amenity site etc. This avoids any disposal costs as it’s treated as domestic waste.

If you’re unable to do it yourself we can dispose of your waste but there is a cost involved. See more