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Moving home is always a busy time, and although it can be exhausting, it can also be exhilarating and certainly rewarding. So here you are in your new home and considering one of the most important rooms in the house and looking to not only give it your own personality but ensure it says ‘you’ to everyone who visits.

Take a look at the cabinets in the kitchen to see whether they can cope with a straight-forward Door and Worktop makeover. Just make sure the cabinets are fairly square (any advisor that visits and knows what they are doing will certainly want to check this), and that the drawer boxes still have their bottoms firmly fixed in!

These are things that you never really check when viewing a house prior to purchase, and you’ll be surprised to know most people don’t really pay close attention to the age or state of the kitchen until after the packed boxes have been dropped off.

If you are in need of more storage space then is available, it may be possible to add a few extra units to give you what you need. It is certainly better to have too much space in the kitchen than too little.

You will not be sure how the lighting affects the hue around the kitchen over the changing seasons, so often it’s wiser to play it safe and stick to lighter colours, particularly if you don’t have a lot or large windows.

If the flooring is in good condition, it may be worth waiting a while before changing this as any rebalance of colour can be catered for by using a stronger or lighter colour here when you have a better feel for lighting moods within the kitchen.

Don’t be tempted to go wild with the budget, exercise a degree of caution, but most importantly ensure the direction in which you take the kitchen fits in with how you envisage the overall look to be.

You should ask your advisor for guidance on the walls and general decoration, always bearing in mind that if there’s one room that should command the balance of the house, its’ the kitchen!

Of course if you haven’t been in long, or even if you have, you may still lots of questions you want answered and if so why not see our FAQ’s for the one asked most frequently.

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"Good product, good attention to detail and everything depends on the fitter. Tony was excellent. He did a great job, broke no tiles and left the kitchen very clean. A job well done. RL"

Richard Langford

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"Karen was extremely helpful and did everything she could during these difficult times. Fitters were great guys. Thoroughly satisfied. Kitchen looks amazing"

Dawn Hardwicke

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"Friendly staff, good service. Prompt installation, quality product. Very satisfied"

Hilary Blizzard

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These are some of our most commonly
asked questions.

How much are the doors?

The simple answer is that it starts from as little as £35 for a made to measure replacement kitchen door and can go up to around £200. See more

Do we need to empty our cabinets?

In short no. Emptying your cupboards is a thankless task that requires the use of boxes, mess and the use of other living space. See more

Do you offer an installation service?

Yes, although you’re not obliged to use our installation service. We can be involved in as much of your project as you’d like. See more

Can you take away the rubbish?

The easiest and most cost-effective way is to take it yourself to your local dump, refuse centre, civic amenity site etc. This avoids any disposal costs as it’s treated as domestic waste.

If you’re unable to do it yourself we can dispose of your waste but there is a cost involved. See more

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