Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Door Style: The 5 Popular Designs

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When thinking of getting kitchen upgrades, one of your must-change features is your kitchen cupboards doors. Cabinet doors are the most visible design element found in any kitchen, and they can also be the most expensive component. There is a particular style of cabinet doors meant for every home, and your job is to discover which one is the best for your kitchen. You can opt for a simple design or an elaborate one.

If you are looking for new cabinet styles to explore, use this article as your mini-guide. Here are the most popular kitchen cabinet doors to consider for your home.

The Shaker-Style Cabinet Door

This style is the most common kitchen door style you will see in most houses. It is a five-piece flat-panel style with a recessed centre panel. It got its name from the Shaker furniture, which is known for its use of simple and clean lines while emphasising its utility. This style makes it an excellent fit for any decor, may it be traditional or contemporary designs. You can also explore variations when it comes to wood species, stains, hardware, and paint colours.

It is the perfect style to meet any budget. If you want to save on cost, some manufacturers can replace the centre door panel with a more cost-effective material. They can also use a natural finish instead of painting them over so you can save up some more.

The Flat-Panel Cabinet Door

If your kitchen has a contemporary or modern interior, you can opt for a flat-panel cabinet door. It uses hard lines and takes on a minimalist form that will fit the kitchen styles mentioned. It is simple, with no expensive details, yet still very sleek and stylish. What makes it different is how its centre panel is flat instead of raised or contoured.

If you choose this style, you can use decorative laminate or wood as a material. Laminates are more budget-friendly. They also offer a great variety of colours and sheens you can explore.

The Inset Cabinet Door

This style is a classic, yet the most expensive in the market too. However, it is a look that will last for generations. It is named “inset” because it is designed and constructed with extreme preciseness, so it nests inside the cabinet frame. Other typical cabinet doors rest on the outside of the frame. Even when the wood expands or contracts, the inset cabinet door will open and close properly.

Another thing that sets it apart from other cabinet styles is its exposed hinges. It uses two hinges per door, which quickly adds up to the expense. Make sure to take note of this if you are eyeing this style for your kitchen cabinets.

Distressed Kitchen Cabinet

If you are a fan of the antique look for your kitchen, the distressed kitchen cabinet style is ideal for you. For this look, you can choose any door style you want. What manufacturers need to do is rub off their corners and apply other distressing methods they know to give the material its old-age feel.

However, you should note that asking someone to destroy your brand-new doors will also cost you more.

The Beadboard Cabinet

A beadboard cabinet will be a classic kitchen cabinet door choice for your cottage style kitchen. In beadboard cabinets, the centre panel is made to look like the traditional beadboard panels. Beadboard was a style used as a decorative wall treatment before plaster, paint, or drywall existed.


Choosing the right style for your kitchen cabinet can transform your kitchen’s look and feel. It is the fastest route you can take if you want a new look for your space, but do not have the budget to install a brand new kitchen.

Whether you want classic, modern or traditional kitchen cabinet doors, we got you covered. Doors and Worktops specialise in all aspects of kitchen doors replacement or cabinet supply. Get in touch with us today! We can show you our portfolio or discuss your kitchen transformation for free.

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